Local cartage trucking

Local cartage trucking involves moving cargo loads short distances.

Local Cartage Trucking

Local cartage trucking involves moving cargo loads short distances. This can be moving things from one location to another within the same city or town and may be full truck loads or less than truck loads, while smaller packages will be sent through courier or parcel delivery services.


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Uses for Local Cartage Trucking

Local cartage includes short distances for the deliveries, from pick up to drop off. This can include local produce or grocery deliveries. Often soda pop companies will have a distribution center in large cities and use local cartage trucks to stock the stores around them.
This can also be used for moves within the same city, short distance deliveries of stock, in-town deliveries of raw materials, etc. These deliveries are not for long distances, will not cross borders, and are made by truck only due to the distance and type of delivery. Both businesses of all sizes and private individuals may use a local cartage truck for moving or transporting services for moving. This can include moving a home, moving a small business, or delivering goods to or from a warehouse.

Advantages of Local Cartage Trucking

This is a cost-effective way of completing short distance shipments. Smaller trucks are used, and they require no overnight trips, lowering the cost of the shipments. Often if locations are close together, shipments can be combined for less than truckload needs, but full truckloads can be completed within the day. Due to the short distance, there will be no border crossings or extra costs. There will be no surprise costs upon delivery as the process is straightforward.
Local cartage trucking is used when there is a local move to be made, there are no long distances covered, and it rarely involves crossing a border. It may be moving things from one location within a city to another or moving things from one location to another city within close proximity. These are one day or shorter moves and will most often require one truck.
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