Cross border shipping

Cross border shipping is quite common between Canada and the USA, as well as
between many countries all over the world.

Cross Border Shipping

Cross border shipping is quite common between Canada and the USA, as well as between many countries all over the world. There are increased complications and factors when shipping across a border, and it is necessary to ensure all requirements are met.

What Is Cross Border Shipping

Cross border shipping is shipping in any mode that requires a pickup in one location to cross the border between countries for delivery in the drop off location within the other country. Some freight may cross several borders on the way to the final destination, and there are rules and regulations for each of these instances.

Regulations and Considerations

When shipping across the border, you must consider not only the rules and regulations of the county of origin but also those of the receiving country. This includes any tariffs on the items being shipped, regulations of illegal materials or items not allowed to cross the border, customs rules and fees, following the correct shipping labels and providing all information that is required in both locations, and ensuring all paperwork is completely filled out for all the requirements on each side of the border.
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Extra Costs

Extra costs and fees apply when shipping across the border. These costs can often be included within your shipping cost when using a cross border transport company, either at the end of the shipping process when it arrives or in some cases upfront before the freight leaves. These fees include customs fees, tariffs on certain products, increased cost of long-distance shipping, fuel, and other expenses that may be higher on the other side of the border, and insurance that will ensure your items are covered in both countries.

Transport Modes Available for Cross Border Shipping

Borders can be crossed in almost any mode of transportation, air, rail, water, and truck are all viable choices for delivering cross-border shipments and may be tailored for the location of pick up and the destination.

Longer distances can often be covered more quickly and affordable through rail transport than by truck, and both ship and air can carry freight over large water bodies to reach other countries.

Can I Ship Door to Door Cross Border?

Door to door shipping can be beneficial for cross border shipping as all of the details are managed by the transporting company. The paperwork is checked to be correct for both locations, logs and tariffs are kept correctly, and customs can be cleared without any additional effort on the part of the shipper. While other forms of shipping may require freight to be unloaded at the border and picked up by another transport company, one who provides cross border shipping can complete the entire process and offer tracking ability for the shipment as well.

Cross border shipping includes many factors that are not a concern with local shipping or even shipping across the country. There are two sets of rules and regulations that must be followed, one for each side of the border, and the paperwork must be filled out completely and correctly to ensure shipping can be completed on time and with no delays. It is important to choose a transportation company that understands the requirements for shipping in each of the countries as well as how to cross the border and what is necessary to have accounted for, and what paperwork to have.

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