Door to door express services

Door to door express services allow shippers to send their packages and deliveries
right from their location to their ultimate drop off location.

Door to Door Express Services

Door to door express services allow shippers to send their packages and deliveries right from their location to their ultimate drop off location. This includes any customs or border crossings and is key for small deliveries going to the end consumer. For a full service that allows a more hands-off approach once the shipment has been picked up, this is a good service option.

How is Door to Door Shipping Different?

Often during shipping, the freight is picked up at the origin location or is taken to the shipping depot. From there, it is sent to the next depot to be sorted and then sent on to the final customer. With door to door express shipping, your package can go right from the pick-up location to the final drop off without any extra stops or transfers.

Express Shipping Really Is Faster?

Express shipping can detour around any of the obstacles that normal shipping channels have. They are not resorted along the way or left in shipping containers to be accounted for later, but as an express door to door service, it is picked up from the origin location and taken to the delivery address provided.


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Why Does it Cost More?

This service offers an all-inclusive delivery service along with shipping and transport. This includes transporting through customs and managing all the details and fees, which can help the sender ship without obtaining their own customs card or systems, while the door to door service provider will manage all the details and use their own customs cards and information, making the process faster and hands-off for both the shipper and the receiver. There are additional fees, and the customs fees will be added to the cost of the full service.

Disadvantages of Door to Door Express Services

There are some slight disadvantages to this method of shipping. However, they can be overcome, and the advantages most often make it the best choice despite these disadvantages. As the actual shipping company takes care of the details and is shipping with some of their own information rather than the shipper themselves, this might be more difficult to track or be unable to be tracked in some instances until it passes through the next checkpoint. The estimated time of arrival is another factor that may not be easily tracked, as it may take extra time to get through all the steps and complete all the procedures and records. It will arrive at the end delivery point, and it will get there in a timely manner, but it may take longer than having it picked up at the transportation depot, and timing may not be as exact as in other shipping methods.

Door to door express shipping is a service provided for those who wish to be more hands-off and allow the process of pick up right to final drop off to be completed for them. This can be a good option for those across borders but without full knowledge of the shipping requirements needed for the border crossing itself.

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