Is Dental Implant a Painful Surgery?

To answer this question, it is better to first give a brief explanation of the implant and the procedure.

The implants are titanium screws. These screws are as roots of the tooth, which is inserted into the patient’s jaw by gingivitis.

The appearance of the implant is not different from natural teeth, and if patients can adequately take care of these implants and have good hygiene, they can use these teeth for a very long time without facing any problems.

Firstly the titanium screw has to be inserted in the jaw to bond with the bones. After the patient’s jaw bone accepted this external metal piece, the specialist can place the crown on the root.

One of the best methods used today to replace missing teeth is dental implants. Dental implants consist of two main parts: Fixtures and Abutments. Your dentist places the fixture in the patient’s jaw and then places the abutment with the crown on the installation.

The Benefits of a Dental Implant

1. In other treatments, the dentist shaves your healthy teeth. But in this way, we do not need to have any teeth shaved.

2. There is no difference in appearance between the implant and natural teeth.

3. When eating and talking, the patient will face no problems.

The patient does not feel any pain during the implant process due to using local anesthesia.

After implant surgery, the patient should take painkillers which, are prescribed by a periodontist. If so, there will be no problem.

According to research on patients who have had both tooth extraction and implant surgery, most have reported that post-implant pain is much less painful than a tooth extraction.

It is advisable, however, to take half an hour before implanting a Profen tablet (after consulting a dentist). You can always contact emergency dental clinic for more information.

Implant Usage

A) Closing the gap between two teeth

In the case that you lose the teeth due to some gum disease, decay, or an accident
If closing these gaps postpones, it will cause the teeth on the upper jaw and lower jaw to lose their order.

B) If you missed more than one tooth, and the surrounding teeth are normal

C) When all the teeth in one or two jaws are lost

Factors Involved in Increasing or Decreasing Pain in Implant

1. The amount of time in the dental implant is beneficial in causing pain. The longer this time, the more pain the patient will feel.

2. Having a talented, skilled, and well-experienced emergency dentist can be beneficial in reducing pain in patients. Patients should be careful about choosing their dentist. It is better to visit the maxillofacial surgeon or gum specialist because general dentists usually do not have enough experience.

3. It is also essential to choose the standard of implant and its manufacturer.

Things to Do After Dental Implant

– The patient can wash his or her mouth eight hours after surgery.
– The patient should avoid brushing teeth on the first day of surgery.
– Mouthwash can be used 24 hours after surgery.
– The patient should take care of it like the other natural teeth, for example, use dental floss, toothbrush, etc.
– The patient can eat food when the numbness has disappeared.
– Smoking and drinking beverages such as coffee, tea, and you should avoid drinking alcoholic drinks three days after the implant.

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