Less than truckload services (LTL)

Less than truckload services are for shipments that
will not fill a full truck on their own.

Less Than Truckload Services

Less than truckload services are for shipments that will not fill a full truck on their own. These may be combined by the transportation company with another load that will fit with yours to create a full truck, or it may be shipped with other freight of yours to fill the truck if they are going to the same location or close to the same location. This may create shipping delays as your shipment awaits enough others to fill the full truck, and it may require transfers to other trucks along the way to reach its final destination.

How to Measure LTL

Most less than truckloads are used for shipments that are between 150 -15,000 pounds, and smaller shipments are often made through a parcel delivery service. These loads will also be less than twenty-four feet and under six full pallets to fit into the truck without requiring the full truck.


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Advantages of Less Than Truckload Services

Using a less than truckload service allows you to send your shipment no matter the size, without waiting for a full load to be accumulated and sent. Your shipment may be used as a filler load to top up another shipment, which can be more cost-effective for small loads than other shipping options. There is often more than one shipment leaving each day, and a transport company prefers to send a full truck then to send a truck that is not full and wasting the space that is left over, so it may be easier to schedule a shipment that is less than a truckload, as you are not waiting for a full truck to be available.
Conversely, if there is a lot of full shipments going, it may be necessary to wait for others to combine the shipments. Less than truckload services can provide a cost-effective way to send shipments of many sizes without paying the cost of a full truck, and the shipping costs are shared among all those who have freight in the full load.

Disadvantages of LTL

The main disadvantage of a less than full truckload is that it will require a longer shipping time as it will not be likely to go from pick up location to drop off directly but will have stops and transfers.

Having transfers from one truck to another increases the chance of damages or things becoming lost as they are handled more. This type of shipment will also not leave immediately but will only leave for its destination when enough shipments have been gathered to fill a truck. They will all leave together at that point to go to the next destination, whether it be a drop-off or a sorting depot, where they may again wait for the right truck to be leaving towards their destination.
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