What to do During Child’s Toothache?

It is very hard for parents whose child has a toothache, and they do not know what the reason for toothache is and what to do. Some families overlook this issue because the deciduous teeth are temporary, but this pain can be the symptom of a bigger problem. Sometimes a child’s toothache may be due to normal tooth sensitivity, or it may be due to poor oral hygiene. The pediatric dentist is the best option for examining and evaluating a child’s teeth to ensure proper and complete treatment of a child’s toothache.

What Are the Symptoms of a Toothache?

If your baby has a toothache and his gums and teeth are not swollen, there is maybe no severe problem. Ask your child to show you where their pain is and try to examine their tooth condition.

Take a look at your child’s mouth and teeth. If there are no signs of tooth decay, ask your child about recent injuries and incidents. A tooth or jaw injury may not cause pain to the lips or tongue, but the tooth or its nerve may likely be damaged. Any visible signs of damage to the inner part of the lips and tongue can also be signs of damaging the teeth. Consider minor cuts, scratches, or bruises in your child’s mouth, and if everything looks normal, the inner part of the tooth or pulp is likely to be damaged. If you have any question regarding your child’s dental health, you can always call Toronto dentist office for more information.

The Reasons for Toothache in Children

Children, like adults, are at different risk of injury. Also, children’s poor oral hygiene increases the likelihood of damage to the nerve and internal parts of the tooth. The most common causes of toothache include:

-Tooth decay, which is very common in children.
-Loss of deciduous teeth and replacement of them to permanent teeth are mostly accompanied by pain. In general, the growth of new teeth can cause pain because these new teeth push the nerves.
-Sinus problems. Just like adults, children with sinus problems often have a toothache.
-Children who have filled their teeth with silver amalgam are more likely to be sensitive to cold and hot foods and drinks.
-Cracking the surface of the tooth. Bad habits such as teeth grinding can lead to cracks on the surface of the teeth resulting in sensitivity to eating or drinking.
-False teeth-brushing. Brushing strongly can damage their tooth enamel and gums, as well as tooth sensitivity.
-Improper diet. Their improper diet can cause your baby’s toothache. Overeating hard, sweet, and acidic food can cause allergies and pain. Eating very cold and hot foods also affects.

A Pediatric Dentist Is the Best Choice

All of the home remedies for controlling child’s toothache have no rule in the oral health and restoring of the tooth. For this reason, you should not ignore his/her pain. The best solution is to visit a pediatric dentist. The dentist is specialized in dental structure and their conditions and can be the best guide for you. So, take your child to the emergency dental clinic for specialist examinations as soon as possible.

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